About me

->I use technical analysis-based algorithms to trade derivatives.
->I have professional designations as portfolio manager, financial adviser and securities trader in several European countries. I studied Finance and Business.
->I have worked as professional proprietary trader, risk controller and financial analyst for international financial institutions.
->My interests include trading psychology and automated trading systems.

-> Among other things, I am a PhD candidate in Finance.
Contact me at THETRADINGSTRATEGIST@YAHOO.COM for business ideas and collaboration at the areas of my expertise.

25 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thanks Patros for simple charts analysis ,I see your post on investing.com. do you think that Gold can still move upto 1327 and beyond ? . Thanks
    Mukhtar Mirza

  2. Depends on FOMC decision on 15th March , with hawkish or dovish comments by yellen , It can make or break gold in short and medium term.

  3. I believe downside is already priced in by hawkish comments by FED, Downside will be limited to 1190-1980, strong resistance at 1218. need to move above 1250 for uptrend.

  4. Good morning ! Could you tell me why movement of Gold prices 2017 is more stable than before (2016,2015,…)?Could this stable movement keep happened until 2018 or more? Thank you

  5. Doller is bottoming or near , and when it will go up , i think gold will be pushed down sharply, gold is not rising in comparision to down fall of foller , your opinion ?

      1. Hi Petros, thanks for the great work, I sent you a private message on Twitter, hope you will get that,

  6. 2018.10.10 today and you’ve been dormant? Got taken away by the police? For doing a good service to learning traders? or been too busy? Hope you’re fine Petros!

  7. I have seen your post o investing.com, you mention rounding the bottom in silver, but it is 4% down today. is that usual that stock comes back one steps after rounding formation then again move ahead northward. Or we should wait for a week at least for this confirmation.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for reading and sharing your view.
      In general, yes, it is a good idea to filter your signals by time.
      How long to filter is a question of personal preference.
      Of course you don’t want your signals to be too confirmed but too outdated.
      I hope it helps

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