Eurostoxx-50 (Dec 10 preview)

ESTX at two year lows and steadily underperforming the US. Let’s see if cutting through the 3K on the futures will wake some buyers up. chart:

Daily Trend & Positions For November 11, 2014

UPTREND: E-mini S&P ————————- DOWNTREND: Gold Crude Oil EUR/USD US 10Yr Note ————————- SIDEWAYS: – ————————- TRADING POSITIONS FOR NOVEMBER 11, 2014: +LONG: E-mini S&P -SHORT: Gold, Crude Oil, EUR/USD, US 10Yr Note *FLAT: – ->POSITION CHANGES TO DAY BEFORE (CLOSED OR OPENED): 1. Opened short US 10Yr Note position Please read the Disclaimer! RECEIVE […]