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NBG ADR (Nov 3)

NBG stock is experiencing a lot of pressure in the Athens stock market today after the stress test results are being scrutinized ahead of the required capital increase. Breaking last week’s low (0.74) will kill the ongoing price rebound. NBG (3 months) Chart:

NBG ADR (Nov 2)

NBG ADR broke the steep uptrend line last week. Euphoria about NBG stress test results in Greece will lead the NYSE ADR higher shortly before the beginning of the capital increase process. The price range between 0.65 and 0.71 offers nice support to buyers just in case. NBG (3 months) Chart:

NBG ADR (Oct 26)

NBG ADR fell from its 3-month high ($1) late last week. Even though the short-term momentum is positive, long-term buyers cannot get too excited as long as price is below the 200-day SMA (1,13) and the recapitalization needs are still unknown. NBG (2 years) Chart: